Thank you for considering a donation to Vedanta Centre Kuala Lumpur. We are grateful for your support towards our education initiatives.

Vedanta Centre Kuala Lumpur focuses on the dissemination of Vedanta via study classes, talks, course, literature and the annual lecture series. The welfare of the individual, our communities and country rests on understanding and imbibing the fundamental knowledge of Vedanta.

We are committed to serve so that all may be blessed with a peaceful and prosperous life.

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Study Classes/Talks/Youth Initiatives – Free classes conducted in and around Kuala Lumpur ensure that individuals have continuous access to the knowledge of life and living. Qualified and dedicated teachers facilitate these events without remuneration. Support their work.

Annual Lecture Series – Annual lectures in Kuala Lumpur with Swami Parthasarathy and daughter disciple Sunandaji from India provides direct dissemination of Vedanta philosophy to the public. Admission is free and all are welcome. Support this annual initiative.