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Vedanta is derived from two words. Veda knowledge and anta end.

Vedanta means the culmination of knowledge. It is the ancient Indian philosophy which answers the fundamental questions of life.


Beat the stress. Be happy and healthy in life.


Material prosperity and peace of mind.


Get to the truth about relationships.


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    FOR AGES 8 TO 12 (This is an in-person class)    WHAT IS VEDANTA Vedanta is a type of teachings that guides…


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    The book expounds the ancient philosophy of Vedanta. It presents the eternal principles of life and living. Living is a technique…
  For Adults Unlock the Wisdom of Vedanta: Your Path to Success, Peace, and Harmony   WHAT IS VEDANTA Vedanta is a profound…
The lack of intellect has caused the mind’s attachment to spouses, children, wealth, religion, practically everything. The virus of attachment has reached epidemic…
The Gita brings to light the positive and negative tendencies that lie within you. They are your higher aspirations and lower desires in…
The Gita brings to light the positive and negative tendencies that lie within you. They are your higher aspirations and lower desires in…
I have attended a series of Vedanta classes and have read a number of Swami Parthasarathy’s books. I have found the Vedanta philosophy extremely useful in managing stress levels and growing my business. It has enabled me to be an effective leader while being a guiding force for me in mentoring the entrepreneurs of the start-ups that I have invested in. All in all, it has made the process of living life a lot more meaningful and fulfilling.
Ganesh Kumar Bangah
Founder & Executive Chairman, Commerce.Asia.
I have been a student of the Vedanta course for 2 years and as an expat living in Asia it has been one of the greatest gifts. The course is very well structured, gradually building up the material from easy to grasp ideas leading into a more complex philosophy step by step. Another benefit of the course is how it teaches you to do constant self reflection and self improvement which becomes a life saver along the way. I really believe this subject should be taught to everyone no matter your age, background, religion as this knowledge is universal and applicable to all of our lives.
Barbara Bogos
Freelance Yoga Instructor
I find the teachings of Vedanta very scientific and methodological. It enables me to practice self control and discipline with the knowledge of an exact science. This has brought about immense happiness and joy in my life. Looking for higher ideals and higher purposes when I do things, it has automatically attracted abundance and peace in my life, without me even asking for it.
Ganesh Ramachandran